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Absolutism and Enlightenment

The last couple of days I have been working on layered curriculum about Absolutism and Enlightenment. Absolutism was the idea that one person would have absolute power over a certain area. These rulers were called monarchs. They claimed that God chose them to rule, that they had a divine right to power, that was why they were king. 

Enlightenment was an era where people began to challenge this common believe. Many philosophers began to ask what the true point of government was. Religion, Culture, and especially government were challenged on their role in a person's life. Some argued that a monarch was needed to keep people in check, while others said that people should get to choose how they live their life.

My final project is at

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade 

This week in class I learned about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. This was a relationship between Europe, Africa, and America were slaves were exchanged for goods throughout the three continents. Europe would give guns and alcohol to Africa in exchange for slaves. These slaves would be shipped off to america where they were traded for cotton, and sugarcane. These materials would make their way to Europe where they were sold, starting the process all over again. 

This trade would continue for hundreds of years. Africans were mistreated and sold like products. Racism is still alive today, and continues to wreck the lives of millions of people.

Paper Slide Conquistador Video

My classmates and I learned recently about spanish conquistadors that visited the new world. We were instructed to chose one to make a paper slide video about. My group chose Francisco Pizarro, who journeyed down the South American Coast in search of the Inca's fabled cities of gold. He eventually found them, killed their leader Atahualpa, and started a war that would eventually end in successful spanish conquest. Our video is the one labeled Casey, Leo, Angela.  

Good Things about our Video -
We did a good job getting our point across and giving detailed information, and speaking clearly. 

Bad Things about our Video - 
Some of our artistic features were less than adequate. In the future, my classmates and I will make sure to put more effort into our work. 

Age of Exploration Project

Recently me and my classmates did a project on explorers during the time of Columbus. My project was on a man named Giovanni da Verrazzano who explored for France. He journeyed to the american Continent and made his way to the New York Bay Area. His discoveries allowed for many improvements in maps and cartography. I scored a perfect %100 on this project. 

File:Giovanni da Verrazano.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

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