Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How to Play Goalie in Soccer

How to Play Goalie in Soccer

Playing the goalie position in soccer, is easily the hardest position in the game to play. Knowing when to attack, swat, or save, is hard by itself. Actually doing it is even harder. 

Here are four ways you can be a successful goalie. 

1. Attack the ball

One of the most important jobs of a goalie is to clear the ball. You do this by getting your hands on it, so you can punt or throw the ball where you please. The easiest way to get the ball is to attack it. 

If the ball enters to box, go up and grab it. The other players are not allowed to touch you, so you have a freebie if you will take it. The only concern is that if you come out of the keeper position to attack, you HAVE to get the ball. If you don't, the other team has an open net to shoot on. 

2. Know your Teammates

The biggest disappointment in soccer is when you pass to someone in front of the goal, have them turn the ball over, and give the other team a free goal.

If none of your defenders can control the ball, just kick as far up field as you can. Do not even bother trying to give an accurate pass. This will limit turnovers in the defensive part of the field. 

3. Be a leader

The goalie does not only protect the goal, they are also in charge of the defense. Often times, defenders are in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Letting them know this, can be crucial to a games outcome. On a fast break, your defense should challenge the ball. 

This closes the passing lanes on the other side of the field, as the players would be offside. There is almost always one player, who is to far back, which opens up the passing lanes for a shot on goal. Recognizing this can be save a game for your team. Simply tell the person to push up. 

4. Pick a side

The scariest part of soccer, is standing in front of a net on a penalty kick. A lot of goalies will try to watch the ball, then freeze as the try to find it, and then... watch the ball sail through the net. 

The best way to give yourself a chance to make the save, is to dive to one side and hope the shooter kicks it in your direction. Even if the ball sails through the net, do not feel down. If the shooter can hit side net, there is almost nothing the goalie can do to make a save. 

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