Monday, March 6, 2017

Ecosystems Test

What is an Ecosystem?

Today in Science, I passed an Ecosystems Test

 The score that I earned on my Ecosystems Test was a 95, I am actually a little disappointed in this grade because it drops my previously perfect 100 in Science. But I am still proud on my A that I earned on this

Ecosystems are like small communities for plants and animals.

 They are filled with different spices and wonders. My favorite Ecosystems are found in the Ocean, this is probably because my favorite animal is a Shark.

In an Ocean Ecosystem, the producers are small algae or seaweed that is eaten by plankton or small fish. The small fish are eaten by bigger fish which are eaten by other birds or even bigger fish. This linking of plants and animals is called a food web or food chain.

We also learned about Photosynthesis, as it is the start of energy in a food chain and is really important to understand. Photosynthesis, is the process of which the leaves on a plant make their own food. They take in water through their roots and carbon dioxide in through the Stomata, which are small holes on the bottom of the leaves.

 When these to things are mixed with Sunlight, plants create a glucose molecule, which they use for energy.

Two bi products of Photosynthesis are oxygen and water, they are the leftovers of photosynthesis, the release these two things for transpiration, which is the process that plants use to pull water up to their leaves. Water has a property that allows it to stick to other water molecules, this means that when water is pushed out of the leaves, it pulls up some of the water in the stem up to the leaves.

We use the leftover oxygen that is dispelled, in cellular respiration, which is the process we use to make energy. When we eat plants, we take in all the glucose that has been stored and it goes into our cells. We use oxygen that we breathe in order to break apart glucose which creates energy.

After this Test I decided I needed to study more on the topics that are going to be graded. I want to be better at school and learning. Now I am going to study more for tests that I value.