Thursday, September 28, 2017

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade 

This week in class I learned about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. This was a relationship between Europe, Africa, and America were slaves were exchanged for goods throughout the three continents. Europe would give guns and alcohol to Africa in exchange for slaves. These slaves would be shipped off to america where they were traded for cotton, and sugarcane. These materials would make their way to Europe where they were sold, starting the process all over again. 

This trade would continue for hundreds of years. Africans were mistreated and sold like products. Racism is still alive today, and continues to wreck the lives of millions of people.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Weather Basics

Weather Basics

The last couple of days I have been studying weather in Science Class. We have studied air masses, fronts, high and low pressure systems, types of clouds, and types of severe weather. 

Air masses are large groups of air molecules that have the same characteristics. They have the similar temperatures, densities, and humidity. 

When two of these air masses meet, a front forms. There are 4 types of fronts. Warm, Cold, Stationary, and Occluded. Warm fronts are when warm air rises above cold air, condenses, and rains for long periods of time. Cold fronts are when cold air forces warmer air up. This sudden change in movement, creates thunderstorms. Stationary fronts are when cold and warm air masses meet, and neither one can push the other one out of the way. This creates consistent weather for a few days. Occluded fronts are when warm air gets trapped between two cold air masses. This forces it up and creates snow, or other forms of frozen precipitation. 

High pressure systems are areas where air pressure is high. The weight of the air pushes wind away from it. The wind travels away from these areas and there is good weather. The wind travels towards low pressure systems. Here, air is forced up into the atmosphere by all the wind and creates clouds. These clouds get heavy and become bad weather. 

We also learned the basics on clouds. Cirrus clouds are light wisps and usually mean good weather, but that may change within 24 hours. Stratus clouds cover the whole sky and are gray. These usually mean bad weather is coming, and they rain lightly. Cumulonimbus clouds are where thunderstorms form. They are tall and dark, rain heavily, and contain thunder and lightning.  

Finally, we learned about some forms of severe weather and what damages they caused. We learned about hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and blizzards. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Absolutism and Enlightenment

Absolutism and Enlightenment

The last couple of days I have been working on layered curriculum about Absolutism and Enlightenment. Absolutism was the idea that one person would have absolute power over a certain area. These rulers were called monarchs. They claimed that God chose them to rule, that they had a divine right to power, that was why they were king. 

Enlightenment was an era where people began to challenge this common believe. Many philosophers began to ask what the true point of government was. Religion, Culture, and especially government were challenged on their role in a person's life. Some argued that a monarch was needed to keep people in check, while others said that people should get to choose how they live their life.

My final project is at

Water Cycle and Precipitation Quiz

Water Cycle and Precipitation Quiz

The test we took today was to to review our knowledge of the water cycle. We also were required to know the main forms of precipitation. The water cycle is powered by the sun and gravity, which keep the water moving from each step in the water cycle to the next. First, the sun evaporates water in lakes or oceans, turning the water to a gas. As the gas from of water called water vapor rises into the atmosphere, it cools down and condenses, turning into a cloud. That stage is called condensation. When enough water droplets are stuck together, they fall out of the sky as one of the forms of precipitation. These include rain, snow, sleet, hail, and freezing rain. Once these liquids hit the ground, they either seep into the ground(Infiltration), or it travels along the Earth's Surface(Run off). Either way, they both are pulled by gravity to larger bodies of water, where it evaporates again and the process restarts.

I scored a 86 on this quiz.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Atmosphere and Air Quality Test

Atmosphere and Air Quality 

A few days ago I took a test on our atmosphere and the quality of the air inside it. We were required to know the layers of the atmosphere, major contributions to bad air quality, and what happens in each layer of the atmosphere. The Troposphere is the first layer of the atmosphere. This is were life resides and where weather happens. The next layer is the Stratosphere. Here, the ozone layer resides, which protects us from UV rays, and keeps our planet warm. The third layer is the Mesosphere. This is where meteorites burn and disintegrate. The fourth layer is the Thermosphere. This is were the Northern lights are. The final layer is the Exosphere. This layer is were space ships usually roam. 

I scored a 97 on my test 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Paper Slide Conquistador Video

Paper Slide Conquistador Video

My classmates and I learned recently about spanish conquistadors that visited the new world. We were instructed to chose one to make a paper slide video about. My group chose Francisco Pizarro, who journeyed down the South American Coast in search of the Inca's fabled cities of gold. He eventually found them, killed their leader Atahualpa, and started a war that would end in successful spanish conquest. Our video is the one labeled Casey, Leo, Angela.  

Good Things about our Video -
We did a good job getting our point across and giving detailed information, and speaking clearly. 

Bad Things about our Video - 
Some of our artistic features were less than adequate. In the future, my classmates and I will make sure to put more effort into our work. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Start of 7th Grade

The Start of 7th Grade 

As of now, I will be adding post and information as a 7th grader. I am now on the Tiger Team as apposed to the Gnomes Team. My information will be from 7th grade content as me and my fellow students continue to gain more knowledge. 

Information About Me

I am 12 years old and live in Apex NC. My favorite sport is swimming, and I do it for 13 hours every week. I also play large amounts of football and soccer. When I get older, I want to attend BYU in Provo Utah, get a degree, and become successful. My favorite football teams are BYU and The Washington Redskins. Me and my family root for all the Washington DC teams including the Capitals, Nationals, and Wizards.

My Favorite Quotes

Practice does not make Perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

- Vince Lombardi 

Nothing worth having comes easy,

- Theodore Roosevelt

Its the will not the skill.

- Dr. Jim Tunney